When Is the Best Time to Buy Power Tools? (+ Mistakes to Avoid)

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Power tools make woodworking easy. These inventions help drive in screws, handle nuts and bolts, and create holes for fittings. In addition, you get to save time when using power tools. On top of that, they require very little manual labor compared to the alternative.

Nowadays, brands continue to flood the market with their latest models for fair prices. However, it is wiser to leverage certain seasons to get the best all-around deals. In other words, there are specific periods in a year when you can buy these power tools at cheaper rates.

This article focuses on when is the best time to buy power tools. Also, we touch upon some common mistakes you should avoid.

The Best Time of The Year to Buy Power Tools

As we already stated, you can always buy power tools at any time. However, if you need the best deals, you should wait a bit and capitalize at the right moment.

1. May to July


The months of May to July usually bring with them tidings of great discounts. Many vendors offer discounts because of Father’s Day, and the discounted sales give you the appropriate window to enjoy lower rates on these power tools.

However, Father’s Day sales are not the only activity during this period. You can also strike good deals during the Labor Day celebration. To do so, you can closely monitor home improvement stores like Zoro, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sears, and others. In doing so, you can shave off a lot of usual costs. Thus, you could find deals 15 to 30% lighter than their usual prices.

2. November and December

Naturally, the holiday period is when most brands and shopping outlets give out discounts. The first in this chain is the Black Friday sale, and this period is probably the best time to get your tools at highly discounted rates. Similarly, you can’t talk about Black Friday and forget Cyber Monday. Next, if you miss those two events, you could always enjoy Christmas sales.

The Yuletide season is also an excellent time to get discounts on most power tools. The only problem is that you must make it to the shelves in time, meaning there’s a competitive element. However, if you manage such obstacles, you can knock off over 30% to 50% of the original retail price.

How to Save Money on Power Tools

While buying power tools, you may want to save money by way of finding the best offers from genuine sources. Here are a few tricks on how to pull that off.

1. Buy Used Items

Pawnshops can open much room for navigation through merely used power tools. In other words, people will often ditch an item at the first site of trouble. Hence, said item’s value will plummet, often needlessly so. Also, remember that pawnshop owners expect you’ll use your negotiation skills to get the best offer for high-quality tools.

Another place you could visit is Craiglist. You could also leverage yard and store closing sales to get some used power tools dirt cheap. Note that there is no static pricing in these stores. The price could depend on the brand and how badly the sellers need to get the tools off their list. An advantage here is that you could save up to 85% on a set of second-hand power tools. It could even be more fun if you know how to strike a bargain. Hence, if you enjoy bargaining and want to save some money, you should visit these places.

Speaking of buying used tools, we also have a post on the best places to sell your old/used power tools.

2. Buy Combo Kits Instead of Individual Tools

You can enjoy specific discounts when you buy power tools in combo kits instead of one device at a time. However, ensure to get applicable combo kits so you don’t end up paying for tools you may never use.

Here is our review of the best power tool combo kits in the market

3. Plan Your Project Properly and Only Buy Essential Power Tools

As we previously noted, planning is essential when buying power tools. For example, there are some devices that you will only use once and never again. Hence, you don’t need to spend good money on their sort. Instead, you could rent them and use them for the project. So, it would help if you only bought tools you will use often. That way, you get value for every penny you’ve spent getting them.

For example, consider that you need power tools for home renovation projects. Then, look for the perfect period to complete your kit. As usual, you will only find higher rates during spring and summer. This is because most people choose those months for their DIY tasks. However, Father’s Day is the exception that proves the rule in this case.

There are nine essential power tools you need for most woodworking and similar projects. Hence, focus on getting these before depleting your budget elsewhere. Also, note that this list comprises items fit for all budgets and price ranges.

4. Use Loyalty Programs

You can take advantage of loyalty programs for both new and existing customers. Most retailers and brands practice this approach to remain competitive. On this note, ensure to inspect how you can earn points and what you can spend them on. As a new customer, you could even land some hefty welcoming bonuses. Later on, you could also reap the benefits of your almost VIP status as a loyal customer.

5. Shop Online for Discounts, Promos, and Special Deals

Brands with an online presence always offer discounts, promos, and special deals to their customers. Regardless, you can also enjoy these deals as a new customer, albeit in a limited number. However, companies will often look for a way to keep you coming back.

The Best Place to Find Good Deals on Power Tools?

Although you can easily stumble upon a collection of power tools, it’s best to do some comparing before the purchase. At the very least, consider visiting a few similar vendors and going through their prices.

You can always trust reputable brands and online services to come true when you’re looking to obtain top deals for quality power tools. Online merchant sites like Amazon & Walmart always have decent deals outside of sales. Also, there are many other merchant sites and top stores for you to visit.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Power Tools

Best Time to Buy Power Tools (+ Mistakes to Avoid)

There are several common mistakes people tend to repeat when buying power tools. Also, some of them are hard to spot at the moment, meaning you will only realize them in hindsight. As such, experience is the best teacher for getting the best deal available. Here are some of the most common mistakes you must avoid when buying power tools.

1. Buying Tools Based on Just Color

There are several specifications you need to consider when buying power tools. The first is quality. How efficient is the power tool you want to buy? Will the power tool execute that project effectively?

So, imagine purchasing a power tool because it has a blue or red color. Maybe you bought a drill hammer, but you need an impact driver for your project. You have wasted money because a drill hammer will not give you the same output as an impact driver. Even if you bought an impact driver, you might’ve settled for the lower-quality one due to its eye-catching appearance.

Before you set out to buy your power tool, we advise that you hone in on the project you’re about to tackle. Then, compare the features of the item in question against the steps you need to execute. So, if your desired product comes with the color you fancy, it’s only a bonus. However, even if it looks out of style, you’ll still need that product in particular to complete your project.

2. Buying Power Tools Based on Price Alone

Pricing is not the only determiner when choosing the best power tools for the job. You could buy inferior quality tools if you concentrate only on the pricing. Hence, it is important to note that not all expensive power tools are of quality. Similarly, a below-average price may not be indicative of a subpar gadget, as is often the case.

While pricing plays a vital role in your purchase options, you should also focus on the features and qualities of these power tools. Moreover, you may have already figured that power tools are not exactly cheap. Hence, it would help to at least obtain value for the money you spend on them.

3. Not Registering Your Tools

There’s no need to boycott this process. Registering your power tool with the brand gives you access to parts, manuals, and documentation. Furthermore, you can view related accessories and products that best complement the item. Also, you will get access to warranty services and proof of ownership.

4. Not Sticking With a Trustworthy Brand

Another common mistake you could make is buying from brands with no track records. These brands could turn out as scams and offer little to no customer support. On the contrary, most reputable brands with experience provide batteries and other add-ons to resolve your future queries. Also, you can use these extra items on other tools from the same brands. In that way, you can save money on several products because you won’t need replacements. Instead, simply use the same accessories from other devices, given how they come from the same mold.

5. Buying Tools Only From Popular Brands

While it is always a good idea to patronize popular brands like Dewalt, Milwaukee, etc., their prices may not meet you halfway. So, you can try looking at brands like Ridgid, Ryobi, Hart, or others that also provide excellent tools for your projects.

6. Buying More Tools Than You Need

If you want to save money, buying more tools than you need is a reckless thing to do. As we highlighted before, you need to stick to the projects you intend to execute. Plus, make a list of the devices that you won’t need more than once. Regarding those, renting is your best option. Similarly, try to get tools with wider utility. So, if one tool can perform multiple functions properly, you don’t need more from that same category.

7. Buying DIY Grade Tools for Commercial Jobs

One mistake you should never make is buying tools you should use at home for commercial jobs. In short, such tools are not meant for retail jobs. You will notice that those devices have lower capacities than what you’ll find in a handyman’s kit. Hence, it would help if you only used DIY-designed tools for home jobs. So, opt for the more specialized tools for heftier projects. In that manner, you’ll save money by avoiding the wrong choices.


8. Assuming That Corded Tools Are Not Relevant

Most people tend to think that cordless tools work better than corded tools. However, you should compare the features and capacities of these devices before making your choice. In other words, ensure to make an informed decision.

9. Buying Power Tools Only From Amazon

Amazon is not the only place that sells the best power tools for woodworking and other projects. As stated in our previous section, you can leverage other merchants to get discounts and welcoming deals even on the latest models.

10. Not Checking Customer Reviews

The best way to learn if a particular brand does put out reliable power tools for a reasonable price is to read reviews from top websites and customers. These opinions can give you useful insight into the item’s efficacy and durability. Plus, you might also learn how to properly maintain them when combing through the comments.


If you want to save money on power tools, you need to wait for certain special occasions that bring discounts with them. Such periods include the May – July window and November and December periods. During those seasons, you’ll find the lowest prices even for top-tier power tools. Also, you need to pay attention to specific details that will save you from having to get another item after a short time. For such tips, refer to the proper section above.

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