Ridgid Woodworking Power Tools | Review | Pros & Cons | Are They Worth It?

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Ridgid unveiled a number of new 18V cordless power tools for 2022, significantly expanding their lineup with modernized tools. Learn more about the new Ridgid 18V tools here

Ridgid Woodworking Power Tools

Ridgid makes some of the most reliable and durable tools on the market. I have been a huge fan for many years, and I recently had the chance to use their R4514 table saw.

Our Score
  • Budget friendly
  • Best warranty in the industry
  • Durable and high performing
  • Corded and cordless options
  • Perfect for woodworkers
  • Average battery life
  • Small portfolio of power tools

Are you looking for a power tool brand for woodworking that is high-preforming, durable and gets the job done?

If you do a quick search online, you might not see many Ridgid power tools reviews. The reason for this is because they are not a major power tool manufacturer and they don’t release as many power tools as the other brands, hence curiosity among readers is low.

This does not in any way undermine the quality of power tools produce. They just tend to compete differently from other brands.

In this review, I will not cover all the Ridgid woodworking power tools, because obviously, I haven’t used them all. But I will try to touch key areas within their power tool profile so that you get to decide whether they are a good fit for you.


I will also not go into the historical details behind their power tools. So if you are a historian, stay away.

Note: selecting a brand is one thing, knowing the most important power tools to buy is another thing. I have drawn up a list of the must-have woodworking power tools for every workshop.

Ridgid Power Tools Portfolio

Ridgid Woodworking Power Tools - Circular Saw

Ridgid is a famous American brand that was established in 1923. They were mainly known for manufacturing plumbing and HVAC equipment before they incorporated power tools into their arsenal.

Oops! I said I wasn’t going to delve into any history.

Back to the juicy stuff…

Ridgid power tools appeal to consumers in product ranges that are simply overlooked by the other brands. For example, how many of the other brands offer a benchtop sander or an oscillating multi-tool (more on this later)?

If you ask me, the cordless and benchtop tools they produce already make up for the fact that they don’t have a vast power tool portfolio.

Ridgid’s quality can also be seen in the other tools within its portfolio such as their; reciprocating saws, circular saws, hammer drills, electric drills, impact drivers, table saws, miter saws, saw blades and drill presses. I have used their circular saw before, and I can tell you it was designed to withstand the wear and tear of the job.

Aha! before I forget, COST. Besides, who cares about quality if their tools are expensive?

It will amaze you to know that despite making their power tools highly durable, they are also affordable. They will not cost you an arm and a leg unlike some other mainstream brands out there.

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And yes! the best part…

All Ridgid power tools come with a lifetime product warranty. What this means is that there’s limited risk involved in purchasing any of their products because Ridgid will immediately offer a free replacement if there’s a defect in the product (regardless of when it’s discovered).

To key into this warranty, all you have to do is register your tool on their official website, and you will get free lifetime parts and service.

Ridgid Jobmax Multi-Tool

Ridgid Jobmax Multi Tool 2 - Ridgid Woodworking Power Tools

One of Ridgid’s most promising release in recent times has been their Jobmax multi-tool.

When we talk of a versatile woodworking power tool, this tool comes to mind. It is basically a 2 in 1 power tool. It can act as a sander or a cutting tool depending on the head you attach to it.

If you are on a limited budget and you can’t afford to get a sander and a power saw separately, you should consider getting Ridgid’s Jobmax Multi-Tool for the price of one.

This tool runs on an 18V battery just like their GEN5X tool line.

Get the Ridgid Jobmax Multi-Tool available at:

Ridgid Cordless Combo Kits

Ridgid Woodworking Power Tools combo Kit 2

If you are just getting started with woodworking, cordless combo kits are a perfect way to get on the cordless bandwagon.

Some people may say that purchasing combos doesn’t leave you with the best option for each tool. I consider this advice a bit silly. With cordless combo kits, you get to use the same battery and charging platform for all your tools. Compare this with having four or five different sets of batteries for each specific tool.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

Another good thing about Ridgid’s cordless combo kits is that you get more tools in bulk, which means that you get to pay less than what they cost if you were buying them separately. Batteries are often included in the combo kit you won’t have to spend extra for them.

Most combo kits will also come with handy storage bags for easy portability.

Shop Ridgid cordless combo kits available at:

Ridgid GEN5X Power Tools

Ridgid Woodworking Power Tools (GEN5X)

This review will not be complete without talking about their latest and most popular line of power tools named GEN5X. I can’t help but say; their tools in this line outperforms most of their competitors.

The GEN5X tools feature an improvement in ruggedness as these tools are strong enough to cope with heavy-duty appliances.

All the GEN5X tools are designed to be powered by the same 18V batteries. So you can finally say bye-bye to the headache that comes with having to worry about different batteries and chargers for your tools.

The GEN5X tools are sold individually, but some of them are sold together as a combo kit.


Shop Ridgid GEN5X tools available at:

Should I Go Corded or Cordless?

Ridgid Woodworking Power Tools (Cordless vs Corded)

This depends on how often you use your tools.

A slight limitation of the Ridgid power tools is that their cordless tools don’t have super battery life, meaning they were not designed to work 24hrs a day.

However, Ridgid has improved on this with the launch of their new Octane battery platform that now powers their latest tools.


Final Thoughts

As a DIY enthusiast, even if you have never used a power tool before, you will find rigid power tools user-friendly and easy to master.

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One comment

  1. I agree with most of what you said.
    I love Rigid, I’ve been sold on them for a long time.
    I started with the Gen 3, 5 pc set.
    Even that older set performed better than Milwaukee for me.
    I run a small handyman business, and do small rehabs also. So my tools are pushed every day.
    The lifetime warranty is great. Except, most of the time you have to try several times, before their website actually works.
    Batteries that come with sets, are lifetime replaceable, if you register the whole set.
    Downside, is you have to send while set back, to have it replaced. Which takes 4 to 8 weeks.

    Back to the tools themselves…
    I’ve pushed my Rigids further than most people do. I hate abusing them, but if I’m running late on a job, or I’m in a rush, I run them hard.
    Example, the 1/2 hammerdrill, 18v, Gen 3..
    I used hammerdrill to drill masonry brick, for 1/4 inch tapcons.
    Drilled over 100 holes, 3 inches deep, to mount a fence. The drill was almost too hit to touch. But I did get the job done on 3, 4ah batteries. Took about 1 hour.

    The 7 1/4 18v, Gen 3, circular saw, cut 2x8s non stop for about 1 hour. Again, simply rotating batteries. You get about 10 to 12 cuts, across a 2×8, per 4 amp battery, depending how hard you push it.
    I store batteries in my van, even in -20°f, they perform great.
    When it’s that cold, the batteries do need to warm a little before charging, but that saves the life of battery. Plus, after you use a cold battery, it’s usually warm enough to put in charger right away.

    I demoed a while 2 story house, interior, with my Gen 3 reciprocating saw.
    Again, a full day, when thru 4 charged batteries.
    I own 6, 4ah, and 2, 2ah bats, with 2 chargers.
    I’ve never had to wait for a battery to charge.

    To me, Rigid 18v, beats Any Milwaukee, Dewalt, or Makita our there.
    They may not have as many tools yet. But what they have is well made.

    For a home owner, I recommend Ryobi, unless you want to spend the money, and have those tools a lifetime.
    Ryobi is ok, but will not keep up with what I do.
    I’ve had the 6pc starter set about a year now…(someone stole my Rigid set, had to buy this to keep working, will be replaced by Rigid soon)
    But Ryobi won’t last in my hands.
    Again, I don’t abuse them, I take better care of my tools than most. But, I do push them hard, when needed.
    I’ve never broken or worn out a Rigid.
    Ryobi, less than 1 year, my angle grinder bearings are shot, on both corded and 18v grinder.
    The driver, starts skipping hammer cycles and gets too hot to touch, after driving 2, 1lb boxes of 2in deck screws.
    Ryobi batteries 4ah, take just under 2 hours each, to charge.
    Rigid, takes about 45 min, to charge a 4ah..

    Now, every tool brand has duds here n there.
    Only one I’ve found from Rigid so far. Is the R4514 portable table saw you just reviewed.
    Some customers get a great saw, some get a saw that was assembled by children, with no quality control. Tables are warped, blade won’t reach 90°, nut won’t come off arbor, bad power switches, etc…

    So, if you use your tools every day, and rely on them, spend the extra money, and buy Rigid.
    If your a homeowner, or weekend warrior, Ryobi will get you by, without spending too much money.

    By the way….
    Rigid and Ryobi are made by the same company, Emerson, But, no parts are interchangeable.
    If I have a choice, and I’m not scraping my last dollar to get a job done, I’ll buy Rigid, before anything.
    Now they’re up to Gen 6 or 7, called Max I believe. Went from Gen 1,2 3,,4,5.. then to octane (which was their 1st brushless), and now Brushless, Max, or Max output.
    They’re almost as good as a corded tool. Some of them, even better, other than having to swap out for a charged battery.

    I hope they extend their product line, just a little.
    Rigid will always be my tool brand.

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