Ryobi Power Tools Review: Are They Good for DIYers?

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Ryobi Power Tools Review

Ryobi makes power tools anyone can afford. For the price of one high-end tool, Ryobi sells you a whole kit. Whether you’re a woodworker or simply like to DIY from time to time, Ryobi’s power tool lineup will provide you with all the performance you’ll ever need.

Our Score
  • Ryobi tools are cost-effective
  • Tools have a long battery life
  • Tools are easy to handle and offer good performance
  • Ryobi offers a wide range of cordless tools
  • Ryobi power tools come with 3-5 years warranty
  • Their tools are not industrial standard

Are Ryobi power tools good for DIYers?

That’s a question that a lot of people seem to be asking, and rightly so. After all, Ryobi is best known for making affordable power tools, but many DIY Hobbyists are also interested in top quality tools.

In this Ryobi power tools review, we’re going to take a look at their tool lines and see what they have to offer. We’ll also discuss if these tools are worth the investment as a DIYer/woodworker and cap it off with places to buy them.

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or a DIY novice, keep reading to learn more about the Ryobi power tool brand

Ryobi Power Tool Brand – A Brief Overview

Originally, Ryobi started as a Japanese tool brand, and it’s been on the market for some time. A die-cast product manufacturer since 1943, they ventured into power tools not long after. After being bought and sold a couple of times, they now reside under the ownership of Techtronic Industries, an American company that owns the professional power tool brand Milwaukee.


Ryobi tools are marketed towards DIY enthusiasts with higher expertise. As a result, they offer an excellent price-to-performance ratio. While not as heavy-duty as some brands meant for professionals, they’re not as pricey either. Ryobi’s tools provide three to five years of warranty depending on the model range, so there shouldn’t be any durability issues.

Ryobi sells its power tool range across the globe. However, its popularity is most significant in the United States, where no brand comes close in price-to-performance ratio.

The Ryobi Power Tool Portfolio

Ryobi’s power tool lineup comprises majorly of two systems: the 18V ONE+ cordless tools system and the 40V gardening tools system. Looking at their tools individually, they include everything from cordless drills and saws to pressure washers and generators, and each tool is designed with the user in mind.

For example, Ryobi’s cordless drills are equipped with a versatile range of features that make them perfect for both drilling holes and driving screws, while their pressure washers are perfect for tackling even the toughest cleaning jobs.

No matter your DIY needs, Ryobi has a power tool that will get the job done.

Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ Cordless Power Tools Line

Ryobi Power Tools Review - One+ cordless line

Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ power tool lineup is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. It’s made up of 260 tools and accessories, all serving a specific purpose. These tools include impact drivers and wrench, reciprocating saws, circular saws, nailers etc. For regular home improvement tasks they are of sufficient quality

Ryobi’s One+ tools use the latest lithium-ion battery technology, meaning they can deliver stable power for extended periods. However, these new batteries are perfectly compatible with Ryobi’s older 18V power tool models. Likewise, if you already own older Ryobi batteries, you can use them with all the new tools. Even older nickel-cadmium batteries will work, but they weigh more and are not as efficient.

Backward compatibility is the main selling point of Ryobi’s range of hand-held power tools. Unlike other power tool brands, Ryobi allows you to use fresh modern batteries even with your older tools. More importantly, the ONE+ platform makes Ryobi’s tools future-proof; even when your batteries die, you’ll be able to get new ones without replacing your tool collection.

Shop Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ Cordless Power Tools available at:

Ryobi’s 40V Gardening Power Tools Line

Ryobi uses mighty 40V batteries for some of the bulkier tools in its lineup. Notably, these batteries power the company’s garden tool range. So, tools like lawnmowers, brush cutters, leaf blowers, etc., have the same power as the best gas-powered tools on the market.

Ryobi only uses 40V batteries in its gardening range, as they’re too heavy to use in other tools. They use the same lithium-ion technology as the ONE+ batteries, meaning they’ll last a long time.

Shop Ryobi’s 40V Gardening Power Tools available at:

Ryobi’s Cordless Plumbing Tools Range

The 18V ONE+ platform also includes a set of plumbing tools. We thought these were worth a separate mention since cordless plumbing tools are quite rare.

Ryobi’s plumbing tools lineup includes crimping tools, a drain auger, a telescopic pole pump, and others. Plumbing tools don’t exactly fall under the DIY category, but they’re still worth mentioning. Likewise, some of them can be essential during a home remodeling.

My Top 3 Ryobi Tools For Woodworking

When it comes to woodworking, Ryobi offers many great tool choices. After all, their ONE+ range provides a selection of 260 different power tools and accessories.

Take a look at my top 3 woodworking options available.

1.  Ryobi P235A 18V One+ 1/4in. Impact Driver

Ryobi P235A 18V One+ 14in. Impact Driver

This Ryobi’s impact driver is quite solid. It includes a ¼ inch (or 6.35mm for the Europeans) quick-connect coupler, so you can easily switch between bits. Additionally, it’s a locking coupler, making it impossible for the bits to fall off.

The Ryobi impact driver provides ample torque at about 1800 in-lbs. Coupled with 3200 impacts per minute, you’ll be able to drive any wood fastener easily. In most cases, you won’t even need to drill a pilot hole.

This impact driver also includes a variable speed trigger. It’s a welcome addition for finer jobs, as using the tool at full power can destroy thin pieces of wood.

While this is a capable tool, the best thing about it is the price. It’s super cheap, and although it doesn’t include a battery or charger, it’s part of the ONE+ system. That means you can use any Ryobi batteries you have lying around.

Get the Ryobi P235A 18V One+ Impact Driver available at:

2.  Ryobi P1819 18V ONE+ Combo Kit

Ryobi P1819 18V ONE+ Combo Kit

This kit includes six tools: a drill, an impact driver, a multitool, a work light, and two types of saw. With this kit, you won’t have to choose between a reciprocating and a circular saw – you get both.

 Most importantly, this tool kit comes with a charger and two batteries. One is a standard 1.5 Ah battery, while the other is a high-capacity 4.0 Ah one. Of course, everything is part of Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ platform.

This kit is a great way to start investing in your tool collection. You get drilling, cutting, and fastening tools, which will put any beginner on the right track. Likewise, the tools provide enough power to tackle any woodworking job.

While this kit comes with great tools, the batteries are the star of the show. The included batteries and charger are a great way to future-proof your tool collection. Therefore, they will allow you to buy any bare tool in Ryobi’s 18V ONE+ range. Batteries can be very costly, but the Ryobi ONE+ kit takes care of that problem for you.

Get the Ryobi P1819 18V ONE+ Combo Kit available at:

3.  Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Brad Nailer

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Brad Nailer

A nail gun is an essential tool for hard jobs that need a certain kind of fastening. A hammer is cheap and easy to use, but prolonged use will lead to fatigue and injury. Ryobi’s ONE+ nailer will ensure that never happens.

Using the powerful 4.0AH battery, the Ryobi ONE+ cordless nailer can drive up to 1700 18-gauge nails per charge. It’s a huge number—a single charge will likely support you on your job from start to finish. Being cordless also means you won’t have to fool around with cables and air compressor hoses.

As with the other tools mentioned above, this nailer is part of the ONE+ platform. Although it comes as a bare tool, you can use any ONE+ battery to power it. Even old batteries will work without issue.

Get the Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Brad Nailer available at:

Are Ryobi Power Tools Geared Towards Hobbyists Or Professionals?

It’s a tough question to answer, because Ryobi makes a wide variety of tools that can be used by both groups. However, if I had to pick one group that Ryobi’s tools are most suited for, it would probably be hobbyists, DIYers and woodworkers.

This is because Ryobi makes a lot of tools that are specifically designed for working around the home and with wood. For example, they have a whole line of cordless circular saws that are perfect for cutting lumber. They also make routers, sanders, and other power tools that are commonly used by woodworkers.


That’s not to say that professionals can’t get use out of Ryobi tools. In fact, many professionals do use them on a regular basis.

Another thing to note is that Ryobi power tools are meant for budget-minded individuals. This means, they may not be as heavy-duty as some professionals may need, but their price-to-performance ratio makes them a top choice for hobbyists & woodworkers.

Where Can I Buy Ryobi Power Tools?

There are a few places that you can buy Ryobi tools, including online retailers and home improvement stores. You can also find some in hardware stores. If you’re not sure where to start your search, try checking out the website of a major retailer like Home Depot.

Once you’ve found a retailer, you can narrow down your search by looking for specific models or types of tools. For example, if you’re looking for a particular type of saw, you can search for “Ryobi power saws.” If you have any specific questions about a particular model of Ryobi tool, you can contact the retailer directly to get more information.

Final Thoughts

Ryobi makes power tools anyone can afford. For the price of one high-end tool, Ryobi sells you a whole kit. Aside from price, Ryobi’s ONE+ battery platform is its number one selling point. While other brands seem to change their batteries every generation, Ryobi has kept theirs compatible since 1996.

Whether you’re a woodworker or simply like to DIY from time to time, Ryobi’s power tool lineup will provide you with all the performance you’ll ever need.

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