Safety Power Tool Switch | 3 Reasons Why You Need It

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Safety Power Tool Switch

No more fiddling around underneath your tabletop trying to find the power switch.

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  • Easy to setup
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Coming back to this article…

How does it feel when you need to quickly shut down your power tool? You usually end up feeling underneath and around your tabletop just to find the switch, right?

Thanks to a power tool safety switch this problem can be solved easily.

The safety power tool switch is a power tool accessory that is designed to be used with Router tables, wood shapers, wood lathes, drill presses, radial arm saw, table saws, bench jointer sanders or any benchtop power tool.


In this brief article, we are going to look at 3 reasons why the safety power tool switch is an invaluable power tool accessory.

Easy To Locate, Easy To Engage

The whole idea of a safety switch is to make shutdown process very quick. In the safety power tool switch, this is accomplished by making the off paddle large, red and easy to see.

No more fiddling around underneath your tabletop trying to find the power switch.

The safety power tool on off switch is hands-free. You can shut it off with an elbow, hip, knee, or any part of your body and there will be no need to take your hands off the workpiece. Even in tight spots, you can easily find the switch and turn it off.

Also, the “start” button can be locked to prevent accidental operation.

All these instantly improve your workshop experience as it makes your tools ten times safer to handle.

A complete safety power tool switch box contains the following:

  • 3-pin grounded power cord with a male end to plug into the AC power source.
  • 3 pin grounded power cord with a female end for receiving the power tool cord.
  • Both cords are heavy-duty cords that can withstand everyday exposures in the workshop.
  • The box of this power tool switch is sealed and enclosed with durable material.

Quick Install Process

How To Install The Safety Power Tool Switch woodworking

If you are feeling a little bit intimidated because it is an electrical device, don’t be. Installing this device takes five minutes tops. All you need are:

  • A screwdriver
  • Two nuts
  • Two bolts
  • Two locking washers

With these accessories, the switch can be easily mounted near your hip or knee, beside the tabletop.

The cord of the power tool is then plugged to the female cord receptacle, while the switch’s male cord is plugged to the AC socket outlet on the wall.

Before testing the switch, push the switch’s paddle until the stop button clicks to make sure it is turned off and then make sure you have turned on the power tool.

Please note that the safety power tool switch is rated 15amps, meaning it will not work with power tools that draw higher current. Always check the rating of your machine before using this product.

Get the safety power tool switch available at:

Final Thoughts

Woodworking can be a safe and enjoyable hobby, it can also be a cruel one. It all depends on whether you adhere to some easy to follow safety rules. Providing an easy means to quickly power down your power tool applications is one of those safety rules.

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Safety Power Tool Switch

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  1. Thank you for the safety suggestion, I am an Australian reader , and , we use 240volt A.C. 50 cycle as a standard.
    What firms will carry the switch in Australia?

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