The Ridgid Table Saw R4514 Review | Is It Any Good?

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Ridgid R4514 Table Saw

This table saw is a solid choice for woodworkers. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty which gives users peace of mind. Overall, you get good value for money in a quality saw that will last a long time.

Our Score
  • Packs a 3.1 HP motor for handling tough projects
  • It has a good cutting depth for a portable saw
  • Remains exceptionally stable
  • Can operate at 5000 RPM
  • Its wheel stand makes it very portable
  • It comes with extra cutting blades
  • It is suitable for DIYers with little to no experience
  • 15 amp power draw can be an issue
  • Not that easy to assemble

One of the first tools that a woodworker should focus on is the table saw. In fact, it should be the centerpiece of any woodworking shop. However, finding the right table saw is not that easy.

There are loads of options that will seem perfect for your DIY projects. But in reality, they will be nothing but an average tool for the job.

However, the case for the Ridgid Table Saw R4514 is a bit different. Otherwise known as the Ridgid 10 inch Pro Jobsite Table Saw, the unit is the go-to pick for many woodworkers.

And in this review, I will debunk why it is so popular and whether it is worth the money or not. So, if your eyes were on this unit, you should stick around.

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Overview of the Ridgid R4514 Table Saw

Before diving a bit deep into the features, I would like to familiarize you with the table saw. At its core, it is a portable table saw, which the size of the unit translates to. It will offer you the versatility to set your workstation pretty much anywhere.

The portable trait is something that some table saws cannot nail properly. However, Ridgid has seemed to perfect it with the R4514. Even if you do not have a power outlet nearby, you can effortlessly operate this unit with a portable generator. All thanks to the compact form factor!

Just because it is a portable tool, it does not mean that you will feel like you do not have the right amount of power for different DIY woodworking tasks. The table saw comes with a powerful motor. It is rated at 5000RPM, making it comfortably sit in the heavy-duty range.

The unit features an advanced folding stand, which makes moving it around a breeze. You will not face any issues while trying to set it up either.

Finally, it comes with a 10 inches blade. Even though it is a standard blade, it easily cuts through hardwood. There is a blade guard and storage for the miter gauge as well. And the accuracy of the table saw is pretty much up to the mark.

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Key Features of the Ridgid R4514

Key Features of the Ridgid Table Saw R4514 (new)

With the brief overview out of the way, let me get in-depth with this table saw. So, after using it for a couple of DIY projects, these are the analysis that I have made:

The 10 Inches Blade

One of the things that will vary substantially from one portable Jobsite table saw to another is the stock blade. Some will come with a mediocre blade, while some will ship with a great blade. So, what is the case for the Ridgid 10 inches Pro Jobsite Table saw?

The blade that it comes with is pretty great! It has the ability to withstand the pressure exerted by hardwood projects. So, you will not have to worry too much if you plan to carry out heavy-duty tasks with this unit.

Cutting Depth

Now, let’s focus on the cutting depth of the table saw. Due to being a portable unit, the Ridgid 10 inches table saw has a small arbor. In fact, it is smaller than most of the other competing units. But that is not a bad thing!

The small arbor translates to it being capable of cutting deeper than other portable units. Its maximum vertical cutting depth is at 3-1/2 inches at 90 degrees. That might seem a little less, but you cannot forget that it is a portable table saw.

Additionally, you should note that dimensional lumbers can range from 2×4 to 2×12 inches. And most of the time, you will find yourself working with the 2×4 one. Well, the Ridgid Pro Table Saw can handle that in just one pass! Others will require you to flip the lumber over and go through it again.


The power is probably the first thing you would check on a table saw. Thankfully, the Ridgid 10 inches Pro Table Saw packs a good punch. It utilizes a 3.1 horsepower motor, which has a power rating of 15 amps and is rated at 120 volts.

This powerful motor operates at a staggering 5000 RPM. But the 15 amps power draw can be an issue if you plan to operate it with a portable generator. I would recommend not trying to run it with something that does not have at least a 20-amp circuit. You will most likely trip the breakers if you do so.


Again, for being a portable table saw, the Ridgid R4514 does have a fairly large table. It is made of cast aluminum, and it is 30 inches wide. The depth of the table is 24.5 inches, which is pretty big for portable units.


After the table, most woodworkers would be interested in the fence. Well, the good news is that the Ridgid 10 inches Pro table saw has a solid aluminum fence. It slides easily and has a proper locking mechanism. The single lever is also on the operator side, which will make it easy to keep things in place.

Furthermore, there is a metered gauge. Even though it can come in handy, I would still recommend using a tape measurer to determine the exact distance. That will offer you more accurate results.

Nevertheless, the fence will allow you to make guided cuts up to 12 inches wide. But does that mean you cannot work with anything larger? Of course not! You just need to remove the fence and work on the material in the freehand mode.


The lightweight frame of the Ridgid R4514 table saw folds up pretty easily. There are two wheels on the right side of the saw, and the unit has wheelbarrow-style handles on the left. For that reason, you will not have to put that much effort into lifting and moving the saw.

However, assembling the saw is not that easy. You need to pay close attention to the assembly instructions. Anything you miss will add hours into the total time required for the installation process.

But the good news is that when you correctly assemble the unit, you will be pretty amazed by its stability. The weight of the saw plays a vital role in this case.


Lastly, the angle guide of the Ridgid R4514 is pretty innovative. It is designed in such a way that it will offer the operator the ability to get close to the target. That said, a combination square is more than enough to make the blade sit perfectly at 45 degrees or 90 degrees.

With the T-bevel set tight, it will be possible to get your desired angle as well. That will enable you to cut at any other angle that is between 45 degrees and 90 degrees.


So, as the Ridgid 10 inches Pro Jobsite table saw resides in the portable category, the price is a bit steep in comparison. It will go for around $750 in most of the shops. However, that does not bring its overall value proposition down.

Considering how well the table saw performs and how versatile the unit is, I would say that the price is pretty much justified. You will find it very difficult to find something that performs this well in this price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Ridgid Table Saw R4514

Is the Ridgid R4514 and Ridgid 10 in. Pro Jobsite table saw the same thing?

Yes, the Ridgid R4514 is also known as the Ridgid 10 in. Pro Jobsite table saw. It features a 10 inches blade, which is where it gets that number in the name.

Does the Ridgid R4514 come with a fence?


The Ridgid 10 inches Pro Jobsite table saw will come with an aluminum fence. As I mentioned, the fence also features a locking mechanism. That system will allow you to work with it in different positions efficiently.

Will the Ridgid 10 in. Pro Jobsite Table Saw come with extra blades?

In the package, you will find extra blades. Props to Ridgid for including the additional blades! It will eliminate the hassle of buying an extra blade when the installed one gives up on you in the middle of a project.

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Final Verdict

To conclude, the Ridgid table saw R4514 is a solid portable table saw. It checks all of the essentials and packs a powerful motor. You will not find asking for more! Also, you can enhance the unit’s functionality by using the right accessories.

However, if you want a rating out of 10, I would give it a solid 8. It is really hard to find a proper portable Jobsite table saw at this price point.

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  1. I purchased one of these… took it back the following day. Blade burnt my material… wouldn’t adjust to a 45 ° bevel rip. Motor bogged down while ripping. I do like Rigid tools, but the table saw I purchased was junk. Oh well…. it happens.

  2. I purchased the Rigid 4514 portable 10in table saw a little over a year. I like the saw but I see two negatives:

    The rip fence tends to get out of alignment especially if you’re ripping treated wood with a lot of moisture content requiring re-alignment of the rip fence.

    I’ve had problems with the switch. I can push the switch on and the motor will start but the motor will stop immediately once I take pressure off the button. Do I need to replace the switch?

  3. Like someone else previously posted, when I push the “start” button, on the switch, the motor starts and remains onas long as I keep pressure on the switch. Once I release the pressure, the motor turns off. Does this ind icate that I have a faulty switch and need to order a new one?

  4. I have been a Ridgid customer for some time, and over the years I have seen the quality go way down. I had the r45101 which was an amazing saw well worth its salt, but I recently had the saw fall during transport and the rip fence was damaged. I looked for a replacement but found it has been discontinued, so after years of faithful service I had to retire her and get a new one. [the r4514] to say the least everything on this saw is flimsier than the older one especially the rip fence!! storage on this saw is janky and sure to fail within a year of use. As for the rubber straps to hold the fence well, I have had 10 wet saws and none of their straps ever lasted, and these are even thinner simply a disappointment. At least if I go to harbor freight, I get to return it and get a new one when it breaks but then I knew that going in but with Ridgid I am supposed to be able to lean on the tool and be sure it can lean back. left looking for answers on who to go with from now on. SMH

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